Taking Maple Ridge by Storm

As I mentioned in my first blog, I started playing open mics around Maple Ridge. After about a month, I could tell that the audiences were really responding to our songs. Now, when I say “our”, I’m referring to my brother, Rant and I. He’s a songwriter as well. We’ve written a lot of songs, and played in bands together, which is why we complement each other as a duo. Everybody loves it when we sing in harmony. So it was suggested that the two of us enter a local competition called, Ridge Meadows Got Talent.

I entered us into the competition as songwriters and was extremely excited to hear that we were chosen as finalists! The top eight acts were to perform at the Maple Ridge Country Fair. We chose to perform a country song that I had written called, “Don’t Drink”, which always gets a laugh when I introduce the song. If you know anything about country music then you know that “don’t drink” and “country” don’t mix! Nevertheless, the unexpected payoff of the hook makes it a very clever song.

Sly & Rant Performing at RMGT.

Sly & Rant Performing at RMGT.

What I remember most about the performance was the incredible sound system and how great it sounded on stage! Coming from “open mic” situations, it’s sometimes hard to hear yourself clearly. I’m sure that gave our performance an added oomph! To be honest, I don’t think we could have played the song better … or had more fun!

There were a lot of talented acts performing that day, but somehow WE were announced as the winners! I really wasn’t expecting to win, and truthfully, it wasn’t important for me to win. I was already thrilled just having had the opportunity to play one of my songs for an audience of country music fans. Winning was an added blessing, and one that I am very thankful for. I think the picture tells all!

Sly & Rant - Winners of RMGT!

Sly & Rant – Winners of RMGT!

P.S. I later heard from one of the judges that “the harmonies clinched it” for us! 😉

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