Carmen the Christmas Angel

Christmas-Village.jpgChristmas is without a doubt my favorite time of year! Although lately, Christmas has not been the Christmas I dream about. I dream about Christmas in a small village where the town is decorated and the lights are brightly shining! Friendly faces and a warm cheer wherever I go is my idea of Christmas!

Several years ago, my sister, Carmen, who had Down Syndrome, transitioned from an earthly Angel to a Heavenly Angel. While she was on earth, she loved Christmas too! This blog post is dedicated to her memory! I was fortunate to have had the foresight to capture Carmen singing some Christmas carols a cappella on a night she was staying with me at my apartment. With a little harmonic acrobatics, I arranged the music to her singing and made a CD for her for Christmas. She was amazed to say the least! It was a labor of love and I am ever so thankful for this memento of my sister, Carmen the Christmas Angel!


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